Tuesday, 6 October 2015

10 Teasers for Doctor Who: Before The Flood


Today we bring you 10 brand new teasers for the fourth episode of series 9, "Before The Flood".

"On a remote Army outpost, a fearsome alien warlord – the Fisher King – sets in motion a twisted plan to ensure his own survival. The ripples will be felt around the universe. Is this chain of events inevitable? And can the Doctor do the unthinkable?"

10 teasers for Before The Flood:

  1. "Pre-Harold Saxon"
  2. What if you can't hear oncoming danger?
  3. "I've got something in my shoe"
  4. There's a new theme tune...
  5. Doctor to Doctor
  6. "You are not leaving me!'
  7. "I have to face the Fisherking"
  8. Morning breath
  9. The end is where we begun
  10. There's a scene very similar to Father's Day
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