Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Doctor Who: Face The Raven Promotional Photos


The BBC has released promotional photos from this weeks episode of Doctor Who 'Face The Raven'. Airs Saturday 21 November, 8.10pm on BBC One.

Synopsis: "The Doctor and Clara, with their old friend Rigsy, find themselves in a magical alien world, hidden on a street in the heart of London. 

Sheltered within are some of the most fearsome creatures of the universe… and Ashildr! With a death sentence hanging over their heads, not all of the intruders will get out alive."

Writer: Sarah Dollard
Director: Justin Molotnikov
Producer: Nikki Wilson
Cast: Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman
Guest cast: Maisie Williams, Joivan Wade, Naomi Ackie, Simon Manyonda, Simon Paisley Day, Letitia Wright, Robin Soans, Angela Clerkin, Caroline Boulton,  Jenny Lee.

'Face The Raven' will air Saturday 21 November, 8.10pm-9pm on BBC One and will then be available on BBC iPlayer.
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