Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Steven Moffat, current Head-Writer and Showrunner of Doctor Who has admitted that Lenny Henry's complaints about the lack of diversity in the BBC helped shape his decision on casting Pearl Mackie as the new companion and why it was so important that he got it right.

Moffat said "I’d been listening to what Lenny had been saying. We decided that the new companion was going to be non-white and that was an absolute decision because we need to do better on that. We just have to. I don’t mean that we’ve done terribly – our guest casts are among the most diverse on television, but I feel as though I could have done better overall". Lenny Henry claimed back in 2014 that he "rarely saw a black face" on British TV and in dramas and outed a proposal to the BBC to encourage more productions to use black and ethnic minority actors.

While speaking to Doctor Who magazine in their 500th issue, Moffat also confirmed that he didn’t see any reason for why the Doctor should also not be plated by an actor of ethnic minority.

Pearl Mackie is currently appearing in the West End production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time until June 18th.

See Mackie's introduction as 'Bill', the new companion, in the specially filmed scene below:

Back in autumn of last year, unexpectedly we got a DVD release of the Doctor Who(ish) spin-off Downtime, which featured characters like Sarah Jane Smith and The Brigadier (played by Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney, respectively) and linked in with the Second Doctor serials 'The Abominable Snowmen' and 'The Web of Fear', now we have another - Daemos Rising!

Daemos Rising is the 2004 direct sequel to Downtime, but also to the Jon Pertwee era Doctor Who story The Daemons.

In the film, Cavendish is broken by his experiences in Downtime and hides away in a country cottage where he becomes absorbed by the occult. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT travels to see him after an appeal for help and together they battle the resurgent evil Daemons from the story of the same name.

DVD Extra Include:

  • Retrospective 
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Cast and Crew
  • Creative Feature
  • Guy Leopold Speaks!
  • Kents Cavern
  • Making Music
  • Slide Show

Fully Digitally Remastered for 2016 including an additional 16:9 Widescreen version of the feature for the first time. And including new Special Features, it's set for release on 18th July 2016 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Doctor Who's baddest bitch will be back in Series 10 according to actress Michelle Gomez!

Over this weekend Michelle Gomez, who plays has played Missy in the past two series of Doctor Who, took part in a panel at the MegaCon convention in Orlando and revealed that she'll be taking up the role at least once more in Series 10, due for broadcasting in 2017.

Previously announced casting for Series 10 revealed that Peter Capaldi will continue to play the titular role of the Doctor and will be joined by new companion 'Bill' played by Pearl Mackie.

Question is: What mayhem will she cause for the Doctor this time? And, how exactly did she escape the Daleks? Only a years wait until we find out...

See Gomez's last appearance as Missy in the short scene below:

Monday, 9 May 2016

The Monster Factory’s new Doctor Who desk tidy is set to take stationery into another dimension! The eye-catching penholder is an official replica of the 12th Doctor's TARDIS.

Do you dread those long, dreary days in the office fielding emails, fiddling with spreadsheets and brainstorming novel ways to unjam the printer? Whether it’s wading through revision or spending endless hours watching the spinning wheel of death on your laptop screen, you are not alone – even Time Lords have to do their admin! At last something has come along to relieve the tedium of everyday life on Earth. Before you run out of the door screeching ‘exterminate!’ at Keith in Accounts, let the TARDIS desk tidy whisk you away on a journey through space and time.

You may not have a plucky companion, but you can have the ultimate accessory. The official Doctor Who stationery holder is a perfect replica of the police phone box that has carried the Time Lord to every time and dimension in the galaxy. The TARDIS has been made to the same exacting standards that the Doctor would expect – the wooden tidy is durable and detail-rich, with a hinged door and roof. Just like the cavernous original, the TARDIS is bigger than it appears, with plenty of rooming for hiding pens, pencils and sonic screwdrivers.

The TARDIS Desk Tidy is available for pre-order now from The Monster Factory for 15th June Delivery with an RRP of £19.99. To see more, full sized images, you can do so by clicking the link above.

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