Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Jackie Tyler and Captain Jack Unite in Big Finish Audio


Last week we saw Camille Coduri was in the recording studio with John Barrowman, but we were left with answers at what exactly what happening - was Camille even going to play her previous TV role of Jackie Tyler? Well - it looks like we have an answer!

Jackie Tyler IS back. During Big Finish's latest podcast a snippet was broadcast that gave an insight into a conversation between the pair, with them discussing Rose (Billie Piper's) travels with the Doctor.

Quite where this fits in with Big Finish's releases we aren't sure - Are we to expect another spin off from Doctor Who - "The Jackie Tyler Adventures"? Or something more like a Doctor Who story? John Barrowman's tweet in the studio hints towards the latter.

To listen to Big Finish's podcast, click here. With the snippet avaliable to hear from approximately 49 minutes in, although we would suggest listening to the whole thing to hear what else they have upcoming.

John Barrowman has recently been recording for several other Big Finish audio's, including a brand new Torchwood audio series - Outbreak, due for release November 2016.
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