Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Make Your Own Doctor Who: Bill's Jacket


Ever since new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) debuted in a brand new specically filmed scene last month, fans have been after recreating that already iconic look - and now you can!

According to Steven Moffat, actor Pearl Mackie selected the costume herself, starting with a simple light blue denim jacket from Topshop and expanding with patches, we have a break down just on what patches exactly they are and where you can order them from.

Since we originally went tracking down the patches, the supplier, Kleins, have helpfully put them together in one category on their website, with the total the price of £22.30.

Unfortunately though, we can't help you with that limited edition Prince t-shirt, we've seen them sell for hundreds, and they're not even the exact same as the one featured!

Included on the jacket:

  • Rainbow (1.25")
  • Toy Robot
  • Wow! symbol
  • Day of the Dead Skull
  • A '?', '&' and '!' (placed upside-down)

Click here to be taken to Kleins website, and we'll update you very soon with our finished attempt.

In the meantime, we have the a denim jacket we've put some the accurate badges on and some similar placeholder ones which you can view here.

To see Mackie's debut in the role of Bill in the special scene, see the video below:

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