Monday, 26 September 2016

Two Iconic Doctor Who Props Surface on eBay


Two iconic new series Doctor Who Props have surfaced on the UK eBay website. The pieces in question are from the 2006 series featuring David Tennant and Billie Piper and co-incidentally, both have been made into action-figure form at a later date.

The first piece of from the first two-parter of Series 2, and is featured in 'The Age of Steel' which saw the return of the Cybermen for the first time since the series had come back to TV. The prop itself is incredibly wide and still features working lights 10 years later! But, unless you carry £10,000 in your back-pocket, you might have to let this one go to someone else. You can see the item here.

The second piece is smaller, but during the show it was "bigger on the inside", featuring in the Series 2 finale 'Doomsday' the prop in question is the Genesis Ark, which despite opening up on screen, in reality only the back panel opens up so the operator can get in and out. Perhaps considered more memorable and iconic, this prop also costs £10,000.

But, there is one way we might be able to see these items in person again... The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay is full of props from the classic and new series, is there a chance we can lobby them to get their hands on these, somehow. We'll see...

You can book tickets to the Doctor Who Experience via their official website here.
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