Monday, 5 September 2016

What we know about Doctor Who's spin-off Class so far...


Since it's announcement last October, we've had casting announcements, filming reports and general information about the new BBC Three, Doctor Who spin-off 'Class'. In this article we'll collate all of the info possible (including some spoilers) relating to the series and any prominent rumours.

Class; A Doctor Who spin off from the acclaimed Young Adult author, Patrick Ness. Class is a Young Adult series airing on BBC Three Online, set in contemporary London. "Incredible dangers are breaking through the walls of time and space, and with darkness coming, London is unprotected."


  • Greg Austin as Charlie (main cast)
  • Fady Elsayed as Ram (main cast)
  • Sophie Hopkins as April (main cast)
  • Vivian Oparah as Tanya (main cast)
  • Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill (main cast)
  • Nigel Betts as Mr. Armitage (recurring)
  • Paul Marc Davis as Shadow Leader
  • Anna Shaffer as Rachel 
  • Cyril Nri as Chair
  • Jami Reid-Quarrell as Paul Smith

Writer (Episodes 1-8): Patrick Ness
Producer: Derek Ritchie
Director (Episode 8): Julian Holmes

Airing: October 2016 (Confirmed by Empire Magazine and Doctor Who Magazine, autumn earlier confirmed by BBC) on BBC Three's new online channel then later airing on BBC One.

The series will consist of 8 x 45 minute episodes. Other than Episode 1, titled "The Prom", no other episode titles have been revealed.

Confirmed other information:

  • Keeping with the modernisation of the UK education system, Coal Hill School is now Coal Hill Academy.
  • Greg Austin's character Charlie will be a gay student who is in a relationship.
  • The TARDIS was seen on set outside of the Coal Hill Academy (Filming dated April 2016).
  • Real life issues such as emotional and sexual relationships will be dealt with.
  • One part of Coal Hill Academy will be named the 'Barbara Wright Building'.

A trailer for the series is due to be coming some time this month as part of the pre-airing promotional material for the series, as well as new promotional images and information about the key characters. This is expected in the later half of the month.

Update: Filming wrapped on September 2nd 2016.

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