Thursday, 27 October 2016

Five Questions We Need Answers To From Class


Now that we've seen the first two episodes of Class, naturally everyone has questions, some of which we're sure we've all been thinking too. We've compiled a list of our five top questions we're wondering about the future of the series so far.

"Who are The Governors?"

Apparently the Governors wouldn't want an Ofstead inspection, and something makes us think this is for a bigger reason than bad teaching or grades. Something else is going on at Coal Hill, and after the Governors sent in a robot disgused as an inspector, it makes us wonder quite who they are, and more importantly - what they want, and why they spied on Quill?

With ex-Sarah Jane Adventures star Cyril Nri set to appear in this weeks episode "Nightvisting" credited as 'Chair', perhaps he is the Chair of Governors - time will till.

"Will Tanya succeed in hacking into UNIT's files?"

Tanya may have downloaded the file from Reddit, but perhaps there could be more to this than is implied. Is she telling the truth? And is she clever enough to actually get it to work? If the latter is proven correct, the gang would have access to thousands of files on aliens, planets, invasions and more, which would be a great use to them when faced with problems in the future.

"Will there be any students or staff left by the end of the series?"

After the brutual deaths of several members of staff in the first two episodes, and a passing student commenting how "students disappear all the time" in episode one, suggesting disapearences have been going on for months, there must be more to come surely - so just...don't get attached to any characters just yet...

"When should we expect to see The Shadow Kin back?"

With actor Paul Marc Davis listed as having a reccuring role in the series, it is only a matter of time before his character, Corakinus, reappears with the rest of the Shadow Kin. But, it's more a case of how will they defeat them this time, preferably for good, sooner rather than later. And will April get her heart back? Let's hope so.

"Is there another reason behind Coal Hill's building renovation?"

If you'd have looked very closely at the signage in front of Coal Hill, there's a little bit of detail that just stands out as something that's got to be deliberate and a clue; if it isn't i'll eat my hat. As you'll have noticed, Coal Hill has been renovated and turned into an academy since it was on screen last (which for the record, is perfectly normal in modern Britain) but, it has a sponsor: "EverUpwardReach Ltd". Is this something more sinister? They modernised the school, but for what purpose?

Class airs weekly on BBC Three, avaliable via the BBC iPlayer in the UK. Episodes become avaliable to watch from 10am Saturday.
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