Tuesday, 6 December 2016

So potentially one of the biggest scenes in this series of Class occurred in the final moments of Class, and no - we're not talking about that final twist with April. We're talking about the reveal The Governors...which despite us having tons of brand new information about them, we know very little at all, in fact, we just have even more questions.

What we know so far? The Governors are a board of individuals who run Coal Hill Academy behind the scenes, employed by a company called EverUpwardReach Ltd. They're aware of the cracks in space and time that appear in the Coal Hill grounds due to previous TARDIS landings and are using this to their advantage.

The Governors are clearly very interested in both Quill and Charlie, and have kept them alive as they are an 'asset', as an example - Dorothea Ames was no longer useful, so she's was killed. They're main intention? To bring about the arrival, which involves the Weeping Angels.

Now here comes the inevitable questions...

What do the Governors have to do with the Weeping Angels?

What is clear is that the Weeping Angels and the Governors are linked, with them trying to bring about their return to this world. But the focus of this isn't really what they're doing together, more 'how'? The Weeping Angels have never had someone work for them previously, they're natural instinct is to send people back in time and feed off their energy so why are they not doing this and instead, snapping the neck of a victim upon command from a 'human'?

Why exactly are they called EverUpwardReach Ltd.?

There's always a reason in the Doctor Who universe, surely this name couldn't be different, especially because it features so prominently at the front of Coal Hill and is explicitly mentioned on the door of M17. Speaking of M17 - the key to the door is MMXVII, which is roman numerals for '2017', could 2017 be the year of "the arrival"?

What does the Arrival Prophecy Tablet predict?

From the perspective of looking at the tablet, it shows The Arrival; an apocalyptic scene of a giant Weeping Angel casting down destruction on 21st century London. The tablet itself is fragmented and looks like it is made of various stones and materials that have been collected and reassembled. But what if the tablet isn't as literal as it appears - as opposed to a giant Weeping Angel, it is a metaphor for Weeping Angels raining down over the city and taking control.

Where is that final piece of the Tablet?

As we all saw, the tablet had one key piece missing - the head of the giant Weeping Angel. Could the Governors be trying to find this final piece and then bring about "the arrival"? It's plausible, and perhaps what a sub-storyline of Series 2 could be about, if there is to be one.

Was there another reason behind removing Quill's Arn?

They cleaned up the death of Mr Armitage (the previous Head Teacher) before Quill got round to the scene, they sent a robot to spy on her, and knew about Charlie being an alien - what else do they know? Could there perhaps be a secondary agenda as to why they removed Quill's Arn from her brain? Is she needed for a bigger picture or were the simply just repaying her a favour?

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