Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Doctor Who Review: Top 5 New-Who Music Pieces


Doctor Who's music has always played a key part in the pacing and tone-setting of the show, perhaps arguably more so since the show returned to our screens in 2005. Murray Gold has been the man behind the music since the show came back and has produced some memorable and iconic scores, at Satellite Five we aim to narrow it down to our top five - prepare yourself for some wild choices, but we're sure going to try justify them...

5. Westminster Bridge

If any theme from the 2005 series of Doctor Who stuck in our head, it was the fast-paced 'Westminster Bridge', sampling Pixies song 'Cecilia Ann' it was the backdrop of the comeback episode 'Rose'. Everytime we hear this song it makes us just want to be in the centre of London in the summer night running about.

4. Melody Pond

The best music from Doctor Who features some kind of vocals, even if briefly and this Song is no different - the beautiful mix of vocals and instruments tells the story of a troubled woman. This song will stand out as one of the most breathtaking pieces that Murray Gold has ever created, twinned with the amazing reveal attached to this scene, this music is the perfect example of how such an unsettling Melody can tell a story and make a great scene into something more.

3. Trenzalore/The Long Song

This one is an obscure choice, but one we're going to justify: the opening music (Trenzalore) accurately portrays the sadness of a home destroyed - not just for the residents of Christmas but also for The Doctor, who'd made a home on the planet and sworn to protect them in his final years. Then the transition into the instrumental version of The Long Song from 'The Rings of Akhaten' is the perfect lullaby to the most alien Doctor we've ever had. Even though it's a sad moment, we can't help but smile hearing the final few moments of the track, knowing the smile on The Doctors face seeing Amelia Pond one last time.

2. Doomsday

There's not really much to say about this one. It's a piano and guitar, telling the story of a love story ending. It just never fails to make us cry. Over 10 years later this song still is one of the most haunting pieces ever produced for the show.

1. This Time There's Three Of Us (The Majestic Tale)
Perhaps not initially the most iconic piece from the new series, it certainly the displays how elegantly Murray Gold can transition from the change of tone over the course of one scene from a touching moment seeing the destruction of Gallifrey and its impact on the children of the planet, to the show-changing moment where all 13 Doctors united to save the planet. If any piece of music can be played to sum up the variety of Doctor Who - this is it.

There are indeed some great pieces that could have made it onto this list, with some fantastic pieces from Series 3 and 4 coming very close and Abigail's song 'Silence is All You Know' from 'A Christmas Carol'.
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