Thursday, 20 April 2017

Doctor Who Series 10: Knock Knock Binaural Audio Version


The BBC have announced that Doctor Who Series 10 Episode 4 "Knock Knock" will also have a special binaural audio edition of this episode. This version will be available on BBC iPlayer immediately after it is broadcast on TV.

Binaural Audio creates a 3D surround sound effect for anyone wearing headphones, placing them at the heart of the action in this "nail-biting episode". This is the first time that Doctor Who has used this method to create a stronger atmosphere and if it is successful could open the doors to future episodes being produced with an alternate binaural audio version.

The BBC has previously experimented with binaural audio on the radio with audio dramas and with BBC at The Proms but this is the first example we can see of it in video related content from the broadcaster.
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