Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Doctor Who Merchandise: TARDIS Console Lava Lamp


Ever looked at your desk and thought there was something missing? We might just have the answer... The TARDIS console lava lamp, currently expected to hit shelves June 2017. The lava lamp is based on the design of the current TARDIS console which has been used since 2012 and used by Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

"Advanced technology at its finest. Globules of paraffin & opaque substances undulate as a 25w bulb delivers a mesmerizing glow. Time Lord endorsed."

Limited information is currently known however it is understood that the product will be available from both ThinkGeek and Amazon in the US, with no word yet on a UK stockist. We'll update you when more information is released, closer to the time of release. For now all we can do is wait in anticipation - if only we had a TARDIS...

The TARDIS Console Lava Lamp is produced by Rabbit Tanaka.

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