Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Doctor Who 10 Teasers: Series 10 - World Enough And Time


Doctor Who Series 10 Episode 11: World Enough And Time 10 teasers and quotes from the episode are here, giving you some a small insight in the events to come in this two-part Doctor Who finale. See the list below:

  1. "Oh awake is it, awake now. Good."
  2. "Congratulations on your relative symmetry."
  3.  The whole episode is on the Razor's edge.
  4.  One of Murray Gold's greatest pieces of music is heard again this week.
  5.  Missy gets almost equal amount of screen time as The Doctor.
  6.  Bill would like to get something off her chest.
  7.  "Pain"
  8.  "We must evolve to survive..."
  9.  We can count at least 5 heart-stopping moments not counting the cliffhanger.
  10.  Gravity plays an important role in this episode.

Doctor Who: World Enough And Time airs Saturday 24th June, 6:45pm on BBC One.
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