Saturday, 17 June 2017

Doctor Who Unreleased Music - Request Your Favourite Tracks!


During this summer, the team at Satellite Five have decided to dedicate some time to producing some of Doctor Who's best unreleased music, isolating the scores from modern day episodes.

If there is a particular track that you wish to hear you can get in touch by filling out a simple form detailing what episode you'd like to hear (a scene recommendation would also be appreciated). We hope to produce approximately 30 tracks from any series (2005-present day) alongside a complete 'unreleased album' of music from Doctor Who Series 2.

One of our team members had successfully ran a Youtube channel posting Doctor Who music for a couple of years previously so will be able to produce tracks to a high quality for you to hear and produce it alongside artwork and information that would display on your iTunes/music library.

To request music, please fill in the form here. We aim to have a follow-up post with updates, track previews and teasers during early July - just after the new series of Doctor Who has finished!
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