Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Who is Samantha Spiro playing in Doctor Who Series 10?


We're nearing the end of Doctor Who Series 10 and we still haven't seen all of the guest-stars that we know are due to appear. Actress Samantha Spiro announced on BBC Breakfast in early May that she was due to appear in the series at some point but couldn't say when, where or who.

“I’ll be in this series of 'Doctor Who.' I can’t say how, I can’t say who, I can’t say where!” - Samantha Spiro, BBC Breakfast: 22nd May 2017

Spiro was not announced in the original line-up of guest stars provided by Steven Moffat prior to series 10 commencing, leading to heavy speculation that she would be playing an important role in the series.

In the press tapes for this weeks episode there is an entire scene that has been redacted, this scene in particular does not interfere with anything in this weeks episode so could be a fair guess that this scene will be important for the next episode and has an important reveal, perhaps of Spiro's character.

So, the important question is who could Spiro be playing that's so important she couldn't say anything?

1. The Master/Missy Regeneration

There's always the possibility that Samantha Spiro is playing a character we already know, with two incarnations of The Master already announced to be in the series finale and with Michelle Gomez confirming in the latest Radio Times that she is leaving Doctor Who, it is a fair assumption that they could already have cast her replacement and that she would regenerate in one of the upcoming episodes.

2. Another Timelady

Perhaps it is also possible that Spiro is playing another Gallifreyan that we already know of and haven't seen for many years. The list is very long with each Timelady potentially bringing a different motive for seeking The Doctor. The Rani, Chancellor Flavia, Inquisitor Darkel, Susan. We could certainly see her playing Chancellor Flavia or Susan!

3. A totally new character

There's a chance that she could be playing a new character, but then that raises the question why would the BBC be so quiet about her character and not even announce her in the official line-up. This is probably the least likely option out of all of the ones we have presented.

4. The Doctor

Perhaps she is playing the next Doctor? If they've cast the 13th Doctor by now then they could be wanting to introduce them early if it's a woman so that the general casual audience can warm to the character, prior the main debut in a couple of years. She could be introduced in a similar way to 'The Watcher' in the classic Doctor Who, wouldn't that be fun?

Doctor Who Series 10 Episode 11: World Enough And Time airs BBC One, 6:45pm. 

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